After some frustrating delays in shipping & at UK customs "LittleBoats 3" is ready to launch. Our last hurdle is the lack of a Tow bar as getting booked in to have one fitted is proving a bit of a problem. As soon as it has been fitted we will go to sea. A launch close to the 19th seems hopeful. If anyone has a vehicle with a tow bar and can volunteer to take our boat to Dover from West London we would pay for the fuel. Please use our contact page if you can help  

We are in this for the long haul and have no illusions we will face many obstacles but together we will fight it out and prevail.

We are arranging for Citizen Journalists to come aboard rather than let MSM peddle their treasonous lies and collude in this madness.

Contact us if you wish to go out with us.

Update 13-7-21 13:54
"LittleBoats 3"
To Launch in July