Britain since 1997 has welcomed more people to our shores than it did in the last two thousand years combined. We are aware most have made happy lives for themselves and have integrated well and we have nothing but respect for them. 


That said people should be aware there are now ten million foreign born residents living in Britain which is the fifth highest number of immigrants found in any nation on on earth & does not include the up to two million illegals at large.


The current flood of economic illegals  crossing our borders via the Channel & Eastern coastline in fishing boats & dinghy's is now at record levels. Many more are coming through in lorries via the ports of Hull & Dover. 


We have reached the point where this has become a  serious threat to the wellbeing and safety of the British people and is undermining the fabric of our nation.


The vast majority now arriving are young Muslim males from the third world who deliberately ditch their identity documents at sea and do not understand Western attitudes towards women, religion & culture.


Already over 750 of them are now on the terror watchlist and that is reason enough to stop the crossings and start deporting those who may do us harm.


Even our children are being put at risk as over 40% of young males claiming to be children have been found to have lied about their age and those not caught are in our children's schools & with others in the care of social services.


As part of a much wider campaign to defend our shores & to combat media & government collusion in promoting illegal immigration we are taking direct action    in the Channel and off the Suffolk and Norfolk coasts to confront the French Navy, UK Border Force and smugglers who are perpetuating this unjustified and potentially catastrophic invasion of our country.


We will not tolerate the  Far-Right & Racist labels thrown at us as they are simply weapons of censorship and oppression used by elitists & liberals to further their reckless political ideology.


We come from an array of diverse backgrounds and make no apologies for defending our country from religious fanatics and unknown illegals.


The opening video is a taste of what is unfolding all across Europe and a reminder of why we intend to fight tooth & nail to stop this poison entering our country. It's raw & disturbing but it's the harsh reality we all face if we do nothing.