LittleBoats 3

The Pink & Black Panther

yam 3.JPG

Aims of LittleBoats 3


Find the French Navy & Border Force mid channel exchanging migrants 24/7


Dig up & reveal ignored landing sites around Britain


Expose those ferrying in drugs, weapons & criminals


Weed out Eastern Europeans skippering fishing boats flooding the Suffolk & Norfolk coasts with illegals.


Prevent our government willfully adding more potential terrorists to the 750 newly arrived illegals who are already! on the terror watch list.

To help keep us out at sea for as long as possible we're appealing to any of our crew who have 20-30 Horse Power, Short shaft, 2 or 4 stroke Outboard Engines if they would be willing to loan them to us for a few months as backups for LittleBoats 3's main engine as we must be at sea as much as possible We will have them serviced & use them sparingly 


Please use our contact page if you can help.